Russian Car Driver HD

Russian Car Driver HD 1.03

Win car races and learn how to park in an exciting game
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Russian Car Driver HD is a racing game that gives you access to various types of challenges and comes with nice graphics. You can choose between different difficulty levels and your list of objectives depends on the game mode you select to play.

The first thing you see when launching this game is that it brings you impressive graphics, which is quite surprising if you consider the fact that it comes without a price tag. Everything from animations to sound effects looks nice.

Another useful aspect is that you have access to a detailed list of controls which can be checked at any time. You can also change the camera view angle whenever you like and you have the ability to alter the appearance of your vehicle between challenges.

Two things bothered me while playing the game: you can play only in fullscreen mode and the fact that after completing a challenge the game takes you back to the main menu instead of continuing with the next levels.

Still, Russian Car Driver HD comes without a price so you have nothing to lose if you decide to give it a shot on your PC. It's great for a break from your work.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Nice graphics
  • Lets you choose between various game modes
  • Brings you 3 difficulty levels
  • Automatically saves your progress


  • It might take a while to load the game
  • You can play only in a fullscreen mode
  • After completing a challenge it takes you to the main menu of the game
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